Vertical Greenery: 35+ Wall Garden Ideas For Any Space

By Harpreet K

Are you captivated by intriguing garden designs and yearning to give your garden a unique twist that sets it apart from your neighbors? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you’ve landed in the right spot. Elevating your garden’s aesthetics can elevate you to the status of neighborhood garden trendsetter. The next time you host a gathering, your friends will be absolutely spellbound by the artistic haven you’ve cultivated.

The great news is, it’s never too late to infuse your garden with some stunning new features. It’s way more eco-friendly and imaginative to use an unused wall to enhance your garden’s allure than splurge on something brand new. In this article, we’ve got over forty-two fabulous ideas for you to explore on how to transform your garden by turning those walls into works of art. Let’s explore

1. Shelf wall garden

If you see a blank and unused wall at the farthest corner of your garden, reuse it to add aesthetic value to your garden. Pick a metal frame with in-built concrete shelves and place the plants on the shelves. Ensure the metal frame is balanced and does not drop the plants.

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You can also color the metal frame to add a personal touch and personality to the garden. Next time you have your friends or guests around, make sure they visit your garden and then enjoy the beautiful wall decor during the outdoor meeting.

2. Colorful flowers on the wall

If you are a flower lover and colors bring you peace, then this wall decoration is a must! Select some beautiful flowers like tulips or lilies and plant them in pots. You can choose different colored pots or patterned ones. Gather them in one place and start working on the wall.

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Pick a bold color of your choice, such as pink or blue. Pain the wall and add hooks to the wall. Attach every flower pot carefully to the hook at even places with space between them. Your flower wall is ready to impress your guests. 

3. Vertical garden on brick wall

You can enhance the looks of your garden by unearthing a weathered bog wood block, a piece of nature with a story to tell. Fix this relic of the past securely to an unused brick wall in your garden. Choose plants that thrive in vertical spaces, like cascading ivies, vibrant ferns, and resilient succulents.

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Plant them in pockets, nooks, and crannies throughout the wood block. As you nurture these green companions, their tendrils gracefully cascade down the rustic surface, breathing life into the aged wood. Provide a picturesque background to your friends and capture some memories.

4. Floating pots

Floating pots are a dream come true for an unused wall. The material for this project is some flower plant pots, hooks, a drill, and some screws. Make holes in the wall in a triangular shape. Plant some flowers in the pots and assemble them in one place.

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You can attach the pots to the hooks on the wall. If you wish to paint the wall, that is entirely up to you. Once the garden wall is ready, bring your friends to this picturesque place and let them have their moment.

5. Indoor wall garden

The best thing about a walled garden is that it can be created both indoors and outdoors. You can pick metal plant pots and hook them to the wall with bolts & screws. You can do it yourself or ask a professional to help you with this DIY project.

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A constructive way to utilize these indoor wall gardens is to plant seasonal plants like spinach or parsley. You can ask your grandmother to cook them for the next feast. It can be a great way to keep the garden accessible and make the place attractive.

6. Front garden wall

Imagine entering your door and being greeted by a delightful display of vibrant flowers and lush plants adorning your front wall. For this project,  decide which wall you want to decorate; it should get sunlight during the day, as most flowers need sunlight.

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To make a beautiful garden canvas, you can pick an unused wall that receives appropriate sunlight. When it comes to selecting the flower, you can let your imagination do the work for you, but make sure plants harmonize with your local climate.

7. Red brick garden wall

Choose a sunny spot on the wall because most flowers need sunlight. Then, get some sturdy hooks or shelves to attach to the wall. Pick flower pots or containers that you like. After completing the project’s prerequisites, it is time to fill the pots.

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Take these cute pots, stuff ’em with quality soil, and pop in your beloved blooms. Hang them up, perch them on shelves—ensure they’re secure! Keep those flowers happy with regular drinks and a little plant food now and then. Voila, you’re the neighborhood garden guru!

8. Cobblestone garden

Nothing is more happening than creating a cobblestone garden for your kids to play in the evening. You must prepare the ground for this project and eliminate all the weeds. Then, construct a pattern that may look attractive to your visitors and kids when they visit you.

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To make a DIY garden wall, fill the gaps with topsoil and place various plants. These plants will soften the hardships and add color and texture. Consider placing a garden bench or decorative features like a birdbath or sculpture to enhance the garden’s appeal.

9. Knock down the wall

Transform a knocked-down and dull wall into a gorgeous garden with flowers. Clear the area and repair the wall if needed. Then, choose a variety of flowering plants that you like and that suit your climate. After that, start digging some holes in the ground to plant the flowers. 

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It is better if you set up a schedule to water them regularly. Moist soil and plant food can help them grow and bloom quickly. The flowers on the wall will create selfie spots for your friends, and your parties will be the ones talked about.

10. Rock retaining wall

A charming garden on a rock wall sounds fascinating. First, choose the plants that thrive in rocky conditions—for instance, sedums, hens and chicks, or creeping phlox. Clear any debris or dirt from the crevices between the rocks. Add a layer of well-draining soil to these gaps and carefully plant your chosen flowers. 

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As these hardy plants grow, they’ll cascade down the rock wall, softening its rugged appearance and turning it into a beautiful garden full of colorful blooms. Imagine when you have guests in your house, or if you wish to spend your evening in nature, it is right there.

11. Shelves with pots

Do you have some dull, empty spots in your garden? Time to spruce them up! Grab a bunch of plants, pots, and a good heap of soil. Pop those greens in the pots and get your garden jazzed up. Trust us, it’s like giving your garden a little makeover!

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Next, you have to fix the shelves to the wall in even spaces and clean the surroundings. When there is no debris around that place, begin placing the plant pots at an even distance. You can use a variety of plants for this decoration, and remember to water them regularly.

12. Wooden wall garden

If you are a carpenter or a friend of yours is a carpenter, then consider adding some wood logs to your garden. Pick two big plants and some evenly cut wood logs. The wood logs must be cut in half. Choose a corner in your garden to decorate and gather everything in one place.

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Start assembling the wood logs upside down and ensure balance is maintained. At a certain point, place two wood planks larger than the plants and put the selected pots in them. Cover the rest of the area with wood logs.

13. Renovate the wall

You can transform a plain window wall into a masterpiece with plant pots, a grill, paint, and a drill. Create niches below the window, paint the wall in your favorite color, then attach the metal grill for a stunning accent.

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Once you have painted the wall, fix the grill and place some selected plant pots on it. Make sure the plants have flowers to make it even more beautiful. You can also place a plant pot on the window shelf to add to the entire look.

14. Vertical wall garden

You can create a wonderful vertical garden with a few plant pots. Just remember to pick a sunny spot on the wall. You can choose numerous flowers and create a pattern or a design that appeals the most to you and your family members.

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Fill the plants with good potting soil in an interesting pattern. Be sure to water them consistently and keep them healthy. As your plants grow, they’ll cover the wall in beautiful patterns and vibrant colors, thus turning it into a unique and eye-catching garden that brings natural beauty to your space.

15. Backyard succulent garden

Remember that gardening does not have to be perfect. You can always experiment with this art and craft by adding new pieces of plants. One such plant is the succulent plant. You can decorate an entire backyard wall with succulent plants.

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Even a beginner can create such a wall and transform the ordinary garden wall into a masterpiece. Assort some magnificent-looking plants and start attaching them to the wall on eBay. The best way to do it is not following a particular pattern but rather doing it randomly.

16. Indoor vertical wall garden

You can make wall gardens inside the house as well. All you have to do is pick a wooden plank and paint it to complement the wall color. This wall-mounted DIY will enhance the look of your living room. Choose indoor-friendly flowering plants and plant these in containers attached to the wood. 

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Ensure the system is securely fastened to the wall. Water your flowers carefully, making sure not to overwater, and provide them with occasional plant food. As your indoor flowers grow, they will transform your wall into a living work of art, bringing the beauty of nature indoors for you to enjoy.

17. Wooden shelves garden

Wooden shelves are a great way to beautify a wall. Ask a carpenter to cut you some different dimensions of wood slabs to place plant pots on them. Once you have them, attach them to the wall with an adhesive. Get some different and colored flower plants for the decoration.

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Once everything is in one place, start placing the pots on the attached wooden slabs. You can either place the pots height-wise or in a different order to attract the attention of your guests. Nonetheless, the location becomes a centerpiece of the house.

18. DIY potted wall

Embrace the enchanting world of wall gardens, where creativity blooms alongside flowers and plants. Craft your potted wall garden by collecting your favorite containers, ensuring they come equipped with proper drainage. You must fill them with potting soil suitable for your chosen plants and then select a sunny location on a wall.

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You can secure the pots on the wall with a string and use strong hooks to tighten the bond between the wall and the pot. So, it is evident that to turn a wall into a masterpiece, you only need a bit of patience and an eye for attention.

19. Hydroponic garden

Now that farming is becoming more modern, the farmers are shifting their focus to the latest technologies, and so should you. One such prominent technology is a hydroponic garden for you, where the plants can grow without the need for soil.

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There are diverse types of hydroponic methods, such as deep water culture, nutrient film technique, and drip systems, each with a unique setup. With hydroponic gardening, you can use it to enhance crop production and bring a sense of peace to your eco-friendly garden.

20. Pallet wall garden

The next time you arrange a party and wish to include an activity with your friends, choose to make a pallet wall garden. It all begins with the hunt for sturdy wooden pallets, which you’ll lovingly clean and prepare for their next role in your outdoor masterpiece.

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With your pallets ready, arrange them vertically against your chosen wall, ensuring they’re firmly secured, like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. The artistic fun begins as you select an array of charming flower pots and affix them to the pallets at various angles.

21. Succulent wall garden

A blank wall can become a masterpiece if you work on it with focus and precision. Create a palette but with living, breathing art. Welcome to the world of succulent wall gardens, where nature becomes your paint and the wall your canvas. The fun has just begun.

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The magic happens as you carve out small pockets or containers within your structure. Fill them with well-draining soil and showcase the art you have created with all your heart. Carefully place your succulents, ensuring each one contributes to a captivating tapestry of textures and hues.

22. Herb wall garden

Preparing a herb garden is surely a great idea and worth doing. To begin with, you need a robust iron rod that you can mount on the wall and fix hooks at equidistant spaces all along the rod. Now take a sheet of paper cloth and make pockets out of it. 

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These pockets should be able to hold the ports you have, so it is better to make them spacious enough. Fill the pockets with herb-conducive potting soil and plant aromatic herbs of your choice. After some time, the hanging garden will be a fragrant and green spectacle to look out for.

23. Hanging herb garden

Imagine your grandmother wanting to plant herbal plants, but she is not able to bend to the ground. That is when the hanging herb garden can be helpful. You can begin by making a silver-wired background. Attach some strong hooks and make sure that they can support the plants.

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The next step is to hang the pots on the hooks. Ensure your herbs receive adequate sunlight, and drench them regularly to keep the soil moist but not soggy. This hanging herb garden not only adds a burst of green to your space but also provides fresh, homegrown herbs at your fingertips.

24. Hanging wall garden

In case there is not much space on the wall shelf and you still wish to make it creative, please pick some colorful hanging pots to make a hanging wall garden. Firstly, you must begin by making a frame that can support the plants. To fix the frame on the wall, you use a screwdriver.

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You can then start attaching the plants to the frame itself. However, you must be careful with this step and make sure there is no loose nail or connection. This type of gardening can be helpful if you are running out of ground space. 

25. Wooden fence wall garden

For starters, you need to make a strong wooden fence. For this, you can either use old wooden planks or ask your carpenter worker to make some new ones for you. Go for the cheapest source of wood for this project. Next, you can also use a plastic wrap to cover the wood.

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You can then start filling in the soil and choose the plants you wish to plant. It can either be herbal plants or some flowery plants. Whatever you decide, the final look will amaze you and your friends with a view that is hard to ignore.

26. Outdoor succulent wall garden

Step one for you is to make a frame that can fit plants inside, and you have to make sure that the pots are of appropriate size—essentially, this framing you are making needs to be vertical and have specially designed pockets.

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The next step is to fill the pockets with a healthy soil mix and plant an array of succulent plants in them. For instance, rosette-shaped Echeverias to trailing Sedums create a visually engaging arrangement. As you plant your succulents in the pockets or containers, leave enough room for them to grow and spread.

27. Small brick garden

For the next party, setting up some concrete bricks placed in the gaps of a red brick wall is a great method to make your garden look nice. Begin by choosing a sunny location for your plants to start with. After that, to delineate a garden bed, lay a brick foundation on the ground.

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You can grow a variety of tiny, low-maintenance plants inside this area, for instance, dwarf shrubs and perennial flowers. Think of incorporating a focal point, such as a garden statue or attractive planter. To maximize your space and add a dash of whimsy, you can also add stepping stones or a short pathway.

28. DIY bottle wall garden

Preparing a do-it-yourself garden with bottles gives you the liberty to spread your creative wings. To add a special touch, you can paint the bottles as per preference, or to keep it low-key, use transparent bottles. Making a garden out of discarded bottles is a great way to reuse the bottles. 

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To mount the bottles, fix a metal or wooden structure in a favorable pattern. Now, to add the bottles to the frame, you can slip the hooks into the neck of the bottle by drilling holes. Ensure to fill the bottle with soil that is well-drained and then introduce plants.

29. Outdoor succulent garden

If you are fascinated by your neighbor’s garden, here is another DIY trick for you. In this DIY, you can use the succulent plants and create an outdoor garden with them. Pick a big wooden plank and secure it on the wall with the help of screws. 

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In this incredible yet different DIY, If you have the pots ready with you, then all you have to do is begin the setup. You can either start at the bottom or the top. Pick each pot one by one and attach them to the board. 

30. Minimalist indoor wall garden

Add a little touch of creativity and excellence with this minimalist indoor wall garden. This garden can bring a luxurious feel to your house and make your guests feel like they are in a hotel. Just pick some wooden containers and number them or paint them.

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When it comes to deciding about the plant type, you can either plant a big flower or a small one. Whatever your choice is, it should also compliment the interiors of your house. Keep soil moist and manure it for healthy growth. 

31. Flowering vine green garden

Another way of creating a walled garden is by letting the plants crawl on the walls. Surely, this sounds surprising to you. Well, vine green gardens have a bunch of plants, such as grapes, in their selection to assist you with this creative project. 

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A few cheap prerequisites for this project include plants and soil. That is it. Once you have the plants set in the pots, you can either wait for them to grow or you can directly plant a full-grown flower. Tie it with the help of a thread and enjoy the beauty. 

32. Petunia wall garden

Petunia flowers are delicate and colorful and are known for their vibe and aura that can charm everyone. You can choose a wall or a fence for this type of garden. These flowers come in various colors, including vibrant pinks, purples, reds, and whites. 

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You must handle them softly and transfer them carefully into the containers. Space them out for even growth, and ensure the root systems are adequately covered with soil. Petunias require consistent moisture. Water your wall garden regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist. 

33. White wall vine garden

You can have some climbing vines with typical white flowers all over the outdoor walls of your house and get in direct touch with nature. It can enhance the overall look of your house and enhance the appearance of your guests. 

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Some of the popular climbing vines are white flowering vines like moonflower (Ipomoea alba) or white morning glory. You can put other supporting materials against the wall for the vines to stay in one place and flourish beautifully. Remember to cut the rotten leaves regularly.

34. Sculpture of white wall garden

Adding a hit of history to the garden can sound like a luxurious life. There are plant pots available in the shape of sculptures that can be used to decorate the walls of your garden. However, it will be beautiful if you happen to have a white wall in the background.

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Go to your nearest market, or you can shop these sculptures online as well. Once you have them with you, pick some beautiful flower plants and pot them. Then, fix these sculptures on the wall with a hook or nail. You can paint them as well.

35. Bottle air plants garden

Picture this: you’ve just savored a fizzy soda, and instead of trashing the bottle, you’re about to embark on a delightful green adventure. Say hello to your very own bottled air plant garden! Ensure the bottles are thoroughly cleaned and dry before use. 

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The next step is putting the air plants into the bottles, making sure they fit comfortably and can be removed for occasional soaking or misting. You can also add small decorative stones or shells to the bottles for added visual appeal. Arrange the bottles in a way that showcases the air plants’ beauty.

36. Bicycle white wall garden

There is always one bicycle lying around in the house that no one is using. It can be your childhood bicycle, and it can turn into a DIY accessory for your garden decoration. You can use the basket of the cycle as a plant pot. 

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Paint the bicycle in white and choose pink color flower plants. Once everything is ready, choose a wall that you want to decorate. You either hang the bicycle on the wall or place it in front of it. Whatever you decide, make sure it does not fall off the ground.

37. Painted whitewall garden

Next time you are off on a shopping spree, pick some excellent flower pots. They can have designs on them, and graphics can attract a lot of attention. To compliment the design of the flower pots, decorate them in front of a white wall.

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If you have the wall ready with you, then just put the pots in a decorative pattern. Otherwise, paint the walls white before placing them somewhere or just anywhere. This will enhance the looks of your house and make it more exquisite. 

38. Pallet succulent garden 

If you want to get serious about your gardening skills, add a touch of more personal setting to it and craft a lovely low backyard wall. Pick some selected flowers and plants. In front of the wall, dig small holes or plant beds, and place these green friends there.

Image courtesy –

Water them consistently and provide some plant food to help them grow strong and vibrant. If you are a plant lover, then these succulent pallet wall gardens will elevate your moods and make your days even better with their strong aura.

39. Fern wall garden

Most of the wall gardens are outdoors, and it may seem to you that indoor wall gardens are impossible. But the answer is no and usually, there are vertical plants, and you can use specialized vertical planter pockets or build a custom trellis with pockets for the setup. 

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Ferns typically prefer low to moderate light and high humidity. Some popular ferns for vertical gardens include Boston fern, maidenhair fern, and bird’s nest fern. Use a well-draining potting mix suitable for ferns. Ensure that it is rich in organic matter. 

40. Ladder wall garden 

If you have a wooden ladder lying lazily in your house with no purpose at all, use it to make a wall decoration. The best part is you can choose any type of plant and pot design for this DIY project. You can also paint the ladder if you wish to.

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However, the next step is to place the plant pots evenly on the ladder steps. The order can be creative and random. You either place the small pots above the bigger ones or vis-a-vis them. Another interesting addition could be painting the plant pots as well.

41. DIY plant stand

This DIY stand can be made in just a few hours. It would help if you had some wood and iron wire. You will not have to pay any extra amount for this project. But you can do one thing: you can either take some professional help or do it on your own. 

Image courtesy – swainsonaformosa /

Once the stand is ready, by joining everything, pot the plants in the sections as displayed in the picture. You can choose whatever color you desire to color the wooden area and then proceed by placing it in front of a boring wall to turn it into a masterpiece. 

42. Backyard wall garden

Making a backyard wall garden is a piece of cake. Imagine you have bought a new house, and you are planning to decorate it in a nature-friendly manner. For this DIY project, you need some plants, soil, water, etc., and you can create a garden in your backyard. 

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Once your containers are prepared, securely hang or position them on the wall, ensuring they receive the right amount of sunlight. Don’t forget to water your flowers as needed to keep them healthy and thriving. They’ll transform your plain wall into a vibrant and fancy garden.