How Long Does Asparagus Take To Grow?

By Jay S

Asparagus is a delicious and nutritious vegetable that is prized for its delicate flavor and versatility in the kitchen. However, if you’re thinking about growing asparagus in your garden, you may be wondering how long it takes to grow. The answer, like many things in gardening, is “it depends.”

Source: @christine_siracusa/Unsplash

Below are some factors that can affect the duration of asparagus growth.

Planting Method

Asparagus can be grown from seeds or from crowns, which are the root systems of mature plants. Sowing from seeds may require up to three years for the asparagus plants to mature and yield a harvest. However, if you plant crowns, you can anticipate your first crop in as early as a year.

Growing Conditions

Asparagus thrives in rich, well-draining soil and needs plenty of sun to grow. Providing your asparagus plants with favorable growing conditions can facilitate rapid growth and a sizable yield within a short period. However, if your soil is poor or your plants don’t get enough sun, they may grow more slowly and take longer to produce a crop.


Asparagus comes in a diverse range of varieties, each with distinct traits and specific growth needs. Some varieties are known for their fast growth and early maturity, while others take longer to mature but produce larger, more flavorful spears.

Source: @oacordas/Unsplash

In general, asparagus can take anywhere from one to three years to mature and produce a crop, depending on the planting method, growing conditions, and variety. After establishment, asparagus plants have the potential to yield spears for about two decades, making them a long-lasting and valuable investment for any gardener.